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The Rural Community Growth Ready Certification Program is designed to empower rural communities with the essential assessments and data that site selectors and companies require to facilitate expansion within their regions. This comprehensive program encompasses six key components: Labor Study, Housing Study, Retail Study, Community Assessments (Quality of Life, Infrastructure), and Real Estate Parcels Assessment. By achieving this certification, rural communities can demonstrate their readiness for growth and attract potential investors, businesses, and residents.




  • Rural communities interested in obtaining the Growth Ready Certification will collaborate with program assessors and experts to conduct each assessment and compile the necessary data.

  • An independent panel will review the assessment reports and ensure they meet program standards.

  • Upon successful completion of all assessments, the rural community will be awarded the Growth Ready Certification.


  • Enhanced attractiveness to investors, businesses, and residents seeking growth-ready locations.

  • Informed decision-making for local economic development initiatives.

  • A stronger position in negotiations with potential investors and developers.

  • Increased community readiness and competitiveness in the ever-evolving rural development landscape.

The Rural Community Growth Ready Certification Program empowers rural communities to proactively prepare for growth and development by providing the critical data and assessments required to attract investments and foster sustainable expansion. This program not only strengthens rural communities but also contributes to the broader economic development of rural regions.

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